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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Starting February 2024, we will be offering a brand-new membership option at CrossFit Believe – our CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Membership!

🏋️‍♂️ What’s Included:

  • Monthly Core Classes
  • Monthly Weightlifting Classes
  • Monthly Yoga Classes
  • Monthly Endurance Classes
  • Quarterly Nutrition Lectures
  • Sunday Ticket
  • Additional offerings to be announced soon!

💡 Membership Details:

  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Separate from our regular CrossFit class membership
  • Open to everyone, regardless of CrossFit class membership
  • Exclusive access to our diverse range of specialty classes
  • Flexible Option: Add or deactivate the CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Membership each month as you wish.

📣 Value Addition: We understand the importance of providing value to our members. CFB membership rates have remained unchanged since 2013. The introduction of the CFB Specialty+ allows us to dedicate resources to adding these exciting offerings without raising rates for all members. We believe in continuously improving and tailoring our offerings to meet your evolving fitness needs.

🚨 Exclusive Access: Please note that the CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Membership is the only way to participate in these specific classes. There isn’t a pay-per-class option available. We want to ensure that our Specialty+ members have exclusive access to these enriching classes as part of their membership benefits.

👥 Private Facebook Group: To enhance your membership, we’ll be creating a private Facebook group exclusively for CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Members. Join the group to connect with fellow members, share your fitness journey, and stay updated on special announcements!

🙏 Membership Exclusions: We want to take a moment to address our valued members with lifetime or yearly memberships. We appreciate your commitment to CrossFit Believe. Unfortunately, the CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Membership is not included in these memberships. However, we are actively exploring options to provide you with exclusive benefits and experiences in the future.

📅 Availability: Starting February 2024, you can sign up and start enjoying the benefits of our CrossFit Believe Specialty+ Membership. Stay tuned for further details on class schedules and additional offerings.

🎉 We can’t wait to embark on this fitness journey with you and explore new dimensions of health and wellness together! Thank you for being a part of the CrossFit Believe family.

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