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AMRAP: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

WOD Briefing:

5:30am Live CFB Class w/ Ashleigh

3:30pm Live CFB Class w/ Lindsey:

7:00pm Live CFB “Ask A Coach Anything” w/ Coach Alan


Warm Up:

Run/Walk 50m

15 Jumping Jacks

10 Toe Touch To Overhead Reach

10 Calf Raises

20 Lateral Line Hops

20 High Knees In Place

10 Neck Rotations Left

10 Neck Rotations Right

10 Shoulder Rotations Left

10 Shoulder Rotations Right

Then, 2 Rounds:

5 Squats

5 Jumping Squats

5 Lunges

5 Jumping Lunges

20 Jump Ropes


20 Min AMRAP: (Rx)

7 Burpees

14 Jumping Lunges (Completely Vertical Body During Jump, Watch WOD Briefing)

21 Lateral Jumps Over A DB

28 Double Unders


20 Min AMRAP:

7 Burpees (Scale To Burpee w/ Hands On Box If Needed)

14 Walking Lunges (Scale Range Of Motion If Needed)

21 Lateral Jumps Over Line

48 Single Unders