CrossFit Believe – CrossFit

FC: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100M (50mx2) Farmer’s Carry (53/35)

4 Rope Climbs

200M (50mx4) Farmer’s Carry

3 Rope Climbs

300M (50mx6) Farmer’s Carry

2 Rope Climbs

400M (50mx8) Farmer’s Carry

1 Rope Climb

Time Cap: 25 Min

Scaled Options for Rope Climbs

1 Rope Climb:

-10 Pullups/Ring Rows

-3 Get Ups

-10/7 Calorie Row

Rx: This workout is designed to be with (2) KBs. Someone going Rx on rope climbs may also use DBs (50/35) if no other KBs are available. If you’re going to scale the rope climbs, please consider using a lighter KB if we run short. Thank you.